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Radmacs stands for Richard and Darlene’s Macs. We are both mac users dating back to our first home computer a Mac Plus. Since then we have owned 13 different Macs including our current 12” PowerBook G4, 15.4” MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo, and 15.4” MacBook Pro Core I7.

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The Radmacs site has sections dealing with interests of ours: wines, fine dining, and automobiles.

The Radmacs Photo Site, at photos.radmacs.net is dedicated to digital photos that we have taken with our various Nikon digital cameras since 2000. None of the photos have been edited or enhanced in any way, except for cropping on a few of the photos.

The Radmacs Cars Site, at cars.radmacs.net is dedicated to the various vehicles that we have owned over the years.

The Wine site is under construction.

The Dining site is under constrctison, as well.

No reuse or reproduction of the pictures or content on the Radmacs site, is permitted without the express written permission of Richard Murphy. If you are interested in a license to reproduce any the pictures or content, contact Richard Murphy at radmacs@mac.com.

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